Yes, I’m a wedding videographer too! My goal is to create fun, emotional, breathtaking wedding films and I want to inspire and be inspired by my couples, always with discretion. I like the reality of an event because any event, especially a wedding, must be filmed or photographed without orchestration. I know how to seize a smile without having to ask for it. The discretion of a professional videographer allows to capture unexpected elements, unpredictable movements, confidences. I will edit personally your movie with your musical selection, with the credits of your choice. Your report will be the perfect Reflection of what was your Event. The speeches your friends and family created just for you, the song that played when you shared your first dance, the vows you wrote to live by from that day forward and all the laughter you shared with your loved ones… these are the moments only video can capture.

Let video bring your love story to life…